Marriage Made Simple

IMG_1906A successful marriage is all about unity. Peace is about unity. Love is about unity. Unity more often than not leads to fruitfulness and success in the corporate world, politics, sports, and marriage. It’s not unity at all costs but seek unity with others as best you can.

The Super Bowl is today and the team that works together, in all phases of the game – offense, defense and special teams – will most likely win. The Patriots are probably the best example of a team united for a single purpose – winning. I am writing this just before the big game so I don’t know the outcome but I’m not going to bet against the Patriots.

There are three areas of unity in a marriage that give a couple a chance at longterm success.

  1. Unity of vision and purpose. This is sharing core values, and as Christians, having Jesus and his glory front and center in your marriage. This also speaks to moving in the same direction in spousal roles, parenting, finances, and careers.
  2. Emotional unity and maturity. Maturity is key but it takes some time to get there! In the meantime, practice giving thanks in all things, praying without ceasing, and forgiving one another quickly and thoroughly that you may grow together in love.
  3. Physical unity. Sex is the antidote to failure in the first two areas of unity; that is, when we aren’t on the same page and when our anger and disappointment get the better of us, then it smooths out the rough areas with physical unity. Sex is like hitting the reset button on your computer. It clears the cache and memory and then all the processes have room to flourish.

Marriage is simple but not easy.

The evil one hates unity and will undermine unity in a marriage every chance he gets. Conflict is the currency of darkness and unity is the currency of the Kingdom. Fight for unity in your marriage because you will have opposition. Fight the good fight of faith for you marriage. Stay united in all areas.

Blessings, René and Gloria

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