When we teach marriage seminars, the number 1 request is their desire to know more about sexual intimacy. The world has distorted sex and confused couples. Bravo to you two! Much needed book! Every Pastor and church library needs a copy.

Elaine W. Miller, Author of We All Married Idiots

  • Rene and Gloria, (We) have been greatly encouraged by your blog posts, can’t wait to get a copy of your book. Thank you for thoughtfully addressing the topic of sex in these ways! – Sam R


  • We are having frequent and reciprocal sex, by your definition, now. Thank you for the book Radical Sex! – Mary, FB


  • This is really cool! I’m getting married in 24 days and my fiance and I just talked about this in our premarital counseling. This is a relatively new view of sex for me; I think this is an awesome understanding. – Nathan M


  • I pray your book gets published soon and you have a following increased ten fold because you guys are amazing and this is a wonderful subject you are teaching on. It’s so taboo, so it’s never taught, but it should be! Christians shouldn’t be uneducated on sex because sex is typically viewed as a bad, immoral thing. Biblical sex should be taught MORE because I believe it is one huge key to a long successful marriage in a world where the divorce rate is 50/50. Thank you so much for what you both are doing!! – Jacqueline E


  • Hi there, I came across your blog and FB page from a Facebook mom group I am in. A lady named M. posted about your blog. I read through all “5 Assumptions” and I just need to say thank you. My husband and I are going through a rough patch in our marriage and this is exactly what we needed to read. We are well on our way to mending things, but after 10 years of being together, 4 years married, we are just now truly learning each other sexually. Your blog is exactly what we needed for this time in our marriage. So thank you so much for putting this out there and taking a risk to teach on such a taboo subject.


  • How can I get a copy of your book/books? After reading the blog, my husband and I are craving more in depth teaching on this so we can have a marriage the way God truly intended. – J.E.


  • I am loving the truth you are sharing – some is new to me although maybe just a different way of understanding the truth – and some is a great reminder! THANK YOU! – Yancey C.


  • I love how simple God’s way is compared to the complicated human way. – Chris B.


  • Thanks for posting. I enjoy reading them. – Chris B.


  • Thank you! Great read on how and why marriages fail due to sexual sin. You have written a needed book in this world of unfulfilled married couples. Thank you!  – Elaine M., author


  • I love reading all your posts on FB and get excited every time I see a new one has been posted. I don’t know you all personally, but you two have become a couple my husband and I look up to. We value your teachings tremendously and have learned so much in the short time we’ve been following your blog and FB. – JE
  • Good stuff — very insightful! – Jim W., pastor


  • Rene and Gloria are good friends who have some good insights into marriage. I appreciate their candor and openness and would recommend that you sign up for their devotional. – Davis Mc, pastor


  • Love your site!!! So well written. Thank you! – Anon


  • Read through every single post on your blog. Truly amazing. I’m also encouraging those who don’t mind not being anonymous to join your FB group. – Anon


  • My husband and I are currently reading Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman along with all the post/blogs you guys write and we are loving it! We are seeing sex in such a different light; it is drastically changing our relationship and sex life, for the better! – J.E.


  • You have an important mission. As a Christian sex and relationship coach it warms my heart to see ministers such as yourselves reaching out to help those in need. Be blessed. – Micki A.


  • I enjoyed your blog post, I read multiple blogs…good work… 🙂 love they are based off scripture!! 🙂 – Alisha, Twitter follower


  • This sweet couple go to our church in SLC and are in the process of publishing a book. Check them out and follow them to support their efforts in redeeming a topic that culture has destroyed. – Matthew M.


  • Love love love what you guys are doing and I look forward to all of your posts! Keep on keeping on because you all are making a difference! – FB