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Welcome to Our Humble Meditations on Married Sex

Sex is complicated. We get it. In fact, we have the t-shirt. There are many wonderful blogs on marriage. Our blog looks exclusively at the complicated matrix of sex in marriage from the Bible. We believe the Word shows us the way but sometimes we have to dig for it. Proverbs 2:4,5 tells us wisdom is not easy to get. It will take some effort but the results are rich and rewarding.


Rene & Gloria

Rene and Gloria Vallieres have been followers of Jesus for 40 years and married for 47 years with three grown children. Rene was a pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and later a teaching elder in New York and Utah churches. Rene and Gloria currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Rene and Gloria are published authors and excellent communicators. Their new book, coming soon, is the result of over 40 years of teaching about relationships in the church. The entire focus of the book is on frequency and reciprocity of sex in marriage. Rene and Gloria are amazed and humbled by God’s graciousness to use them to help marriages thrive. They also lead The Bible Sex Devotional Seminar. Contact them at TheBibleSexDevotional@gmail.com for details.