Statement of Purpose

Sex is a popular topic in the world and in the church today. The facts suggest that the more we talk about sex, the less we do it. There has been a steady decline in sex, married and unmarried alike, over the past 30 years. With the mainstream acceptance of pornography, the blurring of gender identities, and the digitizing of sex in social media, sex is getting more and more confusing to married and soon-to-be-married Christian couples. Actually, the reason to get married is getting more and more confusing to couples today as evidenced by the unprecedented decline in marriages worldwide.

Our devotional blog attempts to get us thinking about sex God’s way and apply what God shows us to our lives. Sex God’s way is not easy. It takes commitment and a lot of effort! Anything worthwhile in this life takes effort. Doing it God’s way is sometimes hard but the immediate fruit is a greater harmony and peace in your marriage.

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Statement of Faith

We stand in the tradition of the historic Christian confession of faith. We hold to the The Lausanne Covenant Statement of Faith as well as the doctrinal distinctives of @Acts29 found here: @Acts29 Doctrinal Distinctives