I. What are the chapter titles in your book, Radical?

  1. The Only Reason to Get Married
  2. Conjugal Rights
  3. Not Your Own
  4. Do Not Deprive
  5. Limited Time
  6. FAQs
  7. One Flesh
  8. The Big Misunderstanding
  9. Reciprocal Sex
  10. A Life Pleasing to God

II. What questions to you address in the chapter, “FAQ’s”?

Excerpt and questions from the chapter “FAQ’s” below lightly edited.

We answer each question thoroughly and biblically in the book.


This is probably a good place to take a break and answer some questions. We have tried to explain the plain teaching of 1 Corinthians 7:1-5 in the first five chapters, one verse for each chapter. We assume there are many questions. We understand this can be a confusing topic and often emotionally charged. Let’s look at a few questions that consistently pop up when talking about married sex in our postmodern world. 

1. Isn’t this passage culturally relative, like head coverings for women?

2. Isn’t sex primarily for the guy since he has the greater need for sex because he has a greater sex drive? What does the woman get out of this?

3. And if it is primarily for the guy isn’t the wife reduced to the role of sex slave, sex toy, an object of sex?

4. Doesn’t this teaching perpetuate the oppressive patriarchy of the past and set the women’s movement back a hundred years?

5. Why make such a big deal about “frequent and reciprocal”? Why isn’t once a week good enough? 

6. If you think about sex and plan sex all the time isn’t there a danger of making sex, or your spouse, an idol?

III. Why did you write this book? 

The number one question pastors and counselors get from married couples concerns sexual intimacy. And the number one question about sexual intimacy involves frequency. How often should we be intimate? Once a week? Once a month? Who gets to determine frequency? Isn’t it different for every couple? Does the Bible say anything about frequency?

We had the same questions and it took us 40 years to figure it out! We want to help couples discover the secret sooner than later. We discovered that the Bible has a lot to say about frequency.  Our book Radical explores, in detail, what the Bible says about frequency and reciprocity in marital intimacy. Get a copy and find out what God says about frequency, if you dare that is.