Book Announcement

Rad Kindle Cover 11-12-18After years of dreaming, praying, and writing, our book is available for purchase on Amazon. God’s grace is more than amazing and we give him all the glory.

Here are the facts in Q&A form:

What is the title?

“Radical Sex: God’s Foundation for a Healthy Marriage”

Why “Radical Sex”? Isn’t that a bit, well, “radical”?

God’s view of married sex is “radical” to us but “normal” to him. For example, God tells us to rejoice always and we call it “radical joy” but to God it’s “normal joy”. Again, God tells us to pray without ceasing and we call it “radical prayer” but God calls it “normal prayer”.

God tells us to have frequent, reciprocal sex with our spouse and we call it “radical sex” but God calls it “normal sex”. What is radical – outlandish – to us is The Normal Christian Life to him. That’s why we called it “Radical Sex”.

Where can I get a copy?

Glad you asked! Here’s the link to the paperback and eBook editions.

Does your book have the same information as your blog?

The themes are similar, of course, but we intentionally held back some of our most important insights for the book. Think of the book as a 40,000 word “The Case for Frequent and Reciprocal Sex in a Christian Marriage from the Bible”. Most marriage books have 10 chapters with one chapter about sex, our book has all 10 chapters about sex. We truly believe that God sees sex as the foundation of a biblical marriage. Is there more to marriage than sex? Yes, but sex is the foundation to put all the other stuff on.

How long is the book?

40,000 words, 200 pages, 10 chapters. The chapters have a Bible passage explained in 4,000 words or so, Study Questions at the end, a Prayer, and a feature called “Speaking the Gospel to Ourselves”. We feel it would also, besides individuals, be a good resource for a quarterly adult Sunday School class or for pre-marital counseling as well as a focused resource for pastors and church leaders.

What is the book really about?

Well, it’s not our opinion on the role of sex in a Christian marriage. We tried to be as faithful to the text as possible and present God’s Word with clarity and precision. The book is, hopefully, an encouragement to all married Christian couples to follow God’s Word on sex and reap the many benefits he provides to his married children.

Thank you!

Thank you for your encouragement and support. We used some your testimonials in the front of the book, anonymously of course. Thank you for sharing your passion for our teaching. We are truly grateful to all of you.

Please order the book and, if you find it beneficial, then please give us a positive review on Amazon. As you know, positive reviews by “verified purchase” customers are like gold for books and authors. Thank you!


Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Just do it!

Blessings – Rene and Gloria