Radical Sex

From Preface

We call our modest book Radical Sex but God calls the principles outlined in this volume Normal Sex. We are so far away from the Principles of Sex in Marriage, clearly explained in his Word, that what is God’s “normal” now appears “radical”.

We believe God is calling his church out of sexual confusion and into the light of the gospel. Sex as the foundation of a biblical marriage is hardly ever mentioned let alone taught in the church. God says sex is the foundation of a healthy marriage and a healthy marriage is the foundation of a stable church and society.

Husbands and wives are struggling in their marriages and they don’t know why most of the time. Marriage has become a battleground instead of a place of love and peace where two individuals become “one flesh”.

God’s Word has the answer to our marital confusion.

We submit this meditation for your encouragement and pray this humble volume will help you, as a couple, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May this book, in some small way, contribute to your marriage going from good to great. To God be the glory!

– Rene & Gloria Vallieres, Thanksgiving 2018