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Radical Sex

“How often should we be intimate?” This is the number one question pastors and counselors get from couples. Sexual intimacy is the number one topic and frequency is the number one question. Every couple knows that intimacy is important but are not sure how often is often enough.

Our book answers this persistent question. Do you want to know what the Bible says about sexual frequency – and sexual reciprocity – in marriage? If so, get this book today.

We believe our book answers the question on the mind of every married couple. It turns out that God’s Word says a lot about frequency and we want to share it with you. Find out how the Bible answers the question, “How often should we be intimate?”

“Much needed book! Every Pastor and church library needs a copy.”

Elaine W. Miller, Author of We All Married Idiots

(Print and eBook editions available)

40 Day Bible Sex Devotional

From the Preface

The devotionals in this volume were originally published on our blog. After about 30 posts or so, we realized new visitors were having trouble picking up posts from the beginning since most of the posts were archived. So we took them off the web site and put them in this volume for convenience and continuity. There are some editorial changes but they are largely what appeared on our web site. We will continue to blog but there will be no more devotionals like these. 

“I love reading all your posts on FB and get excited every time I see a new one has been posted. I don’t know you all personally, but you two have become a couple my husband and I look up to. We value your teachings tremendously and have learned so much in the short time we’ve been following your blog and FB.” – Jacqueline E.

(Print and eBook editions available)

14 day cover border

An Introduction to God’s Foundation for a Healthy Marriage  

We felt an abbreviated version of the 40 Day Devotional would be appealing to couples who would like an introduction to our teaching. This 14 Day Devotional is a good way to get started with some foundational teaching about what the Bible really says about frequency and reciprocity in marriage. To be clear, this devotional takes 14 devotionals from of our 40 Day Devotional book. 

Of course our book, Radical Sex: God’s Foundation for a Healthy Marriage, is a thorough exposition of God’s Word on the Principles of Sex in Marriage. It’s a 40,000 word, 10 full chapters, 200 page book on married sex from God’s perspective. 

We submit this introductory book of our teaching to those who are simply curious about what the Bible says about married sex. May these meditations spark a hunger in you to explore more deeply God’s Principles of Sex in Marriage. To God be the glory! 

“Rene and Gloria, (We) have been greatly encouraged by your blog posts, can’t wait to get a copy of your book. Thank you for thoughtfully addressing the topic of sex in these ways!” – Sam R

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