Blest Be the Tie that Binds

Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love (From classic hymn)

We believe that Jesus is preparing his church for the coming trials. The next trial could be the Big One or there could be a series of warmup trials. One of the things he is doing today is strengthening marriages.

It makes sense. Only healthy marriages survive in times of real trouble and the church desperately needs healthy marriages. (We can hear all the pastors sighing, “Amen”.)

What are we going to need the most in the coming trials? We need support, encouragement, and love. Who is going to love and encourage us? Our spouse first and foremost.

The time is right to strengthen our marriages. Jesus is for strong marriages (“What God has joined together, let no man…”) and he seems to be focusing his spotlight on marriage in these Days.

The best way to strengthen your marriage is to increase intimacy through commitment, conversation, and physical intimacy or, in other words, a biblical “one flesh” marriage.

If we’re going to overcome trials that will surely come, including the The Big One, we will have to strengthen the ties that bind us. Marriage binds us like nothing else. Two cords intertwined are stronger than one left dangling alone.

Let’s start building more intimacy in our marriages and strengthen the tie that binds.

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