“Sex Is Dirty”

38844163 - vector peerless decorative feather, tribal design, tattooBut sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. (Ephesians 5:3 ESV)

We know sex is a difficult subject for a lot of us. After all there are many verses like the one above. We are conditioned to suppress, deny, ignore wayward sexual thoughts. If that doesn’t work then keep as distracted as possible. It’s no wonder Christians avoid thinking about sex let alone talking about sex. This conditioning of not thinking about sex and not talking about sex kills intimacy in many marriages.

A lot of Christians think “sex” is a dirty word. Some consequently think sex is dirty. Pornography sells dirty sex and millions are buying it perverting God’s purpose for sex. God makes sex pure in marriage and uses it for our good and his glory.

We may have struggled with the place of sex in our lives, marriages, and minds. Everywhere we turn, we’re reminded of the sexual failure of our past.

Our sexual history, for most of us, is a strange journey. As we look back we realize that before marriage, the enemy tempted us with the thrill of sex and then after marriage he reverses his tactics to convince us sex is boring and binge watching Netflix is more exciting. God’s way is the opposite where the real thrill of marriage is sex between a committed, covenant couple in Christ.

Let’s think about sex the way God thinks about sex. Let’s talk about sex the way God talks about sex. And let’s start in our own homes with our spouses. Most sex conversations are difficult but if we’re not talking about sex then we’re probably not doing it.

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Bible Thought: God makes sex pure in marriage.

Prayer: Father, show me what you think about sex. Help me to renew my mind about sex from your Word. Amen.

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