40 Day Bible Sex DevotionalDoes marriage success depend on sexual intimacy?

Our new book, 40 Day Bible Sex Devotional for Christian Couples tries to answer this question from the Bible. This is a companion volume to our foundational book, Radical Sex: God’s Foundation for a Healthy Marriage. Both books are available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.

There is a special, limited-time, introductory offer on the paperback edition of the 40 Day Devotional.

The 40 Day Devotional is a compilation of 40 posts from April to September of last year on our web site. We took them off the web site recently and put them in this volume for your convenience. There are some editorial changes but they are largely what appeared on our web site.

Is sexual intimacy an important part of marriage? We are confident you will agree after you read these two books that examine the Why-To of married sex from God’s Word.