We’ve been busy the last few months finishing our Radical book, and publishing a second book. Whew! But we hope to get back to the blog and be a biblical voice of reason in the sea of sexual confusion in society and the church.


The Virgin Birth

There would be no Christmas without the virgin birth. Jesus needed to be born of a virgin in order to be born a sinless man. And only the blood sacrifice of a sinless man could justify sinful men. The incarnation was a divine requirement for salvation. Our entire hope rests on the historical fact of the virgin birth. The gospel is forever linked to the virgin birth – to reject the virgin birth is to reject the gospel.

The innocent blood of goats and lambs covered sin temporarily under the Old Covenant but the sinless blood of our Savior eradicates sin permanently under the New Covenant. Do we understand this fully? No, but we believe it now and will be contemplating this divine mystery for eternity in Heaven!

Mary and Virginity

We grew up with the idea that Mary never had sexual relations with Joseph. This planted the seed that celibacy was holier than marriage. This is not just a Catholic thing either, the reformers we’re not much better. There’s always been this idea in the church that sexual desire is a baser instinct that wars against our holiness. We are still trying to overcome this false notion all these years later.

Whether you believe that Mary was perpetually a virgin or not, the Bible clearly states that the celibate life is a special calling from God and marriage is not a secondary calling. In other words, sex, or not, is in itself neutral to the sanctified life.

But if you happened to be called to the married life then sex is central to your personal holiness. Celibacy is a gift from God but so is marriage. Celibacy means no sex and marriage is the opposite of celibacy therefore marriage means ….

Blessings, René and Gloria