Diluted Senses

38844163 - vector peerless decorative feather, tribal design, tattooLet him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!

For your love is better than wine;

your anointing oils are fragrant;

your name is oil poured out;

therefore virgins love you.

Draw me after you; let us run.

The king has brought me into his chambers. (Song of Solomon 1:2-4a ESV)

A Cabin in the Woods

As we write this, we are on vacation visiting family in northern Idaho. We’re at an AirBnB cabin in the country near a lake and an evergreen forest. The cabin has no Internet, cel reception, or cable. We have to drive 10 miles  to the local library for WiFi to catch up on our emails, texts, blog statistics, and the latest Yankees’ game.

It’s a big adjustment for these city folk!

We sit on the patio each morning. We taste the coffee, see the rabbits at play, feel the sunshine, hear the birds chirping, smell the the pine forest, and hold hands. All our senses are at work taking in all of God’s goodness to us. God intended our senses to experience the glory of his creation and to give thanks to him for his incredible gift of the five senses.

Our Five Senses

We have, to varying degrees, exchanged the richness of our God-given senses for the counterfeit in our postmodern, digital world. Of course, we can’t get away from our senses altogether but a large part of our experience is screen-centric including smartphones, flat screen TV’s, and streaming music services.

There is a movement to get back to an analog life but it’s like spitting in the ocean. The net result of our cool digital life is that we lose the ability to feel, truly feel, the way God designed us to use our five senses.

Our five senses are most alive in the act of love making, nothing is as rich or as satisfying to the senses. You may say a fine wine, an ocean sunset, a Mozart concerto are the most satisfying stimuli to our senses. God says making love to your spouse is the most satisfying stimuli to all your senses. Is there anything on this planet that engages all five senses, in the same way, at the same time, than the act of marital love? Not really. Sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste come alive in sex unlike anything else.

Solomon and His Bride Got It

Our passage today isn’t even talking about the act yet, our lovers are still in the preparation phase and all the senses are already fully engaged. The handsome king (sight), the kisses of his mouth (touch), his fragrant oil (smell), speaking his name is like “oil poured out” (hearing), and a love that is better than wine (taste).

Our five senses are a gift from God. Why did he give us this marvelous gift? Because when we are fully immersed in one or more of the senses that is when we feel most alive. God wants us to feel alive to the fullest. Jesus calls this the “abundant life”. (See John 10:10)

When we get immersed in our various “screens” to satisfy only what our God-given senses can satisfy, we dilute the experience of life and feel less than truly alive. We exchange true life for a postmodern dullness. We ultimately dilute the senses to our harm. Pornography is the most diluting form of digital dullness.

Feel Truly Alive

God has given most of us a wonderful ability to truly feel alive through the natural use of our five senses. Drink fine wine, go to the ocean and see a wonderful sunset, hike in the mountains and hear the sounds of nature but there’s nothing that engages all the senses, at the same time, in the same way, like making love.

The irony that you’re probably reading this post on your smartphone has not escaped us. So put the phone down, step back and take a walk in the woods, or better yet, find your husband or wife and give them a big kiss!

Bible Thought: God has given most of us a wonderful ability to truly feel alive through our five senses.

Prayer: Father, help me to understand the wonderful gift of the five senses and give you thanks for these glorious gifts. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Just do it,

Rene & Gloria